All-in-one workforce development training programs

Training programs for government agencies looking to create high-paying jobs and upskill their low-income citizens out of poverty.

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We offer job training to low-income communities that need it the most

We meet people where they are at. We've worked with justice-involved individuals, SNAP recipients, Veterans, and immigrants in their journey towards a new chapter in their lives.

An end-to-end training platform

Our incentives are aligned with the upskilling goals of government agencies. We only succeed if we our students successfully obtain employment.

Where we work

We're expanding. Get in touch to pilot one of our job training initiatives for citizens in your region.

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Prison-To-Employment Pipeline Connecticut

This is a “win-win.” Many formerly incarcerated individuals have trouble finding work upon release, which can drive them back into crime.

Will Haskell, Senator
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A Modern Approach to Workforce Development

Our software empowers agencies, participants and employers across the entire training journey.


We build partnerships to recruit and give you the visibility over the recruitment pipeline of our programs.

Document Management
Readiness Assessment
Vocational Eligibility
And more

Hybrid job training programs where students start the training online, but complete it at a partner school near their location.

Job Readiness
Commercial Driver's License
Roofing (coming soon)
Welding (coming soon)
Construction (coming soon)
Carpenter (coming soon)
And more
Job Placement

We have partnerships with nationwide trades association that hire our graduates.

1000+ Employer Database
1000+ Employer Database
Interview Preparation
And more

Emerge Career Unity

Emerge Career has everything you need to run a successful workforce development program, and reduce the workload on your staff.

Workflow Automation
Success Plan
Case Notes
Participant Graph

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Why government agencies work with us?

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Emerge career
Traditional Trades
Skills Training
Collaboration with on-the-ground CBOs
Job readiness and search training for the specific vocation
Outcome-based tuition
Hybrid model
Data-driven, powered by real-time analytics
Individualized, trauma-informed coaching
Job placement
Job retention